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Teacup Full Game Guide

Teacup Full Game Guide

Teacup is a short and wholesome adventure where you take control of the titular character as you embark on a quest to restock your tea collection in order to hold a tea party on Sunday with your friends! Spend the day running around Little Pond as you complete quests in order to get the tea. If you're stuck and are looking for the next one to get, then you've come to the right place! 


I will be dividing each segment into different items in Teacup's collection so you can browse to the one you are missing! These will be ordered in order of collection, too, so if you're just getting started, you can follow this guide step-by-step to the end


Note: To help out with skim reading, I will be bolding area names within Little Pond to ma it easier to know where you have to go next. Likewise, important characters will be underlined (for as long as they are important) so you know who you have to talk to. Without further ado, let's start with...


The Tea Encyclopedia (Achievement)

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Starting off the game, you'll need to pick up Teacup's tea book so you can actually know which teas Teacup wants for her tea party (say that three times in a row). After the short cutscene indicating that Teacup is out of tea for her tea party, make sure you walk over to the table on the right after you're able to take control of her and grab the book; this is the encyclopedia that will guide us through the rest of the journey.


A Fresh Drink (Mint Tea)

20230309123517 1


Once you've acquired your encyclopedia, it's time to go out into the scary outdoors and explore Little Pond! Out the door, continue heading right until you run into Otto the owl and speak to him so he can update your map and you can traverse more of the world. Finish the dialogue, continue walking straight right, and then interact with the wall to pull up the map. From here, you'll want to go to the Market.


At the Market, you only really want to talk to one person, Wren, who is to the far right of the very end managing the food stall. Wren will tell you to help her organise her booth in exchange for information on how to get the mint tea. Complete her minigame by arranging her stall correctly (follow the screenshot below). She will tell you to talk to Salamandro, who is located in the Pond (the other area that Otto drew on your map).

20230226024735 1


Over at the Pond, go left and then go right to the middle island to speak to Salamandro, who will promptly challenge you to a race in the lake. This minigame consists of clicking the right combination of four keypads several times until you've outswam him and won. Screwing up a key has a very long timer that makes you wait, but despite being terrible at this minigame, I didn't actually lose — I'm not entirely sure you can; this is a wholesome game, after all.


Salamandro will have updated your map and will relocate to the Meadow, which is his home and where he will give you the mint tea! He will also update your map so you can go to the other areas and get the remaining tea leaves and snacks (take mint and Salamandro as Teacup's tutorial).


A Puzzling Letter (Honey)

20230309123513 1


To acquire the honey, you'll need to get the information from Vincent at the post office, which is located on the Plaza, but before he actually gives you any information, you first need to go between the stage and the carpet shop to talk to Bertol, who will tell you that Vincent knows where to get honey.


After speaking to Bertol, head right to the post office and talk to Vincent, who will now tell you the secret to where he gets his honey... after you complete a minigame involving his newly- and proudly-created stamps for the mayor.


To complete this minigame, you need to arrange the stamps in the correct order three times to be able to progress. See the three pictures below for the correct order of each of the three.


20230226030006 120230226030034 120230226030117 1


After completing these three minigames, leave the plaza and go back to the West Forest to go up the ladder and meet Otto once again, who will give you honey for your troubles and complete this segment.


Is this just fantasy? & Carpet Tamer (Dream Tea & Jasmine Tea)


20230309123518 1


To start the dream tea questline, you'll need to be in the Plaza to talk to Pankrati, the owner of the carpet shop. Pankrati will ask you to get help from the magicians. To get to the magicians, you need to go to the Meadow, past Salamandro's house to the right and into the blue tent — interact with it, and Teacup will go inside to meet the two magicians: Vitiano and Iakovu. Finish the long string of dialogue between both characters to start the hidden object minigame in which you'll need to find 11 objects in one image to give to Vitiano. Follow the image below to find all 11 items.


Teacup Hidden Items


Completing the minigame leads to a dream sequence — nothing is important here, so feel free to continue moving to the far right until you find both magicians. Speak to them; they'll help you leave the dream state and return to the real world.


With the magic powder in hand, it's time to go back to the Plaza to Pankrati's carpet shop and talk to them in order to start the second and final minigame of the dream tea and jasmine tea section. Here, you just need to click the flying carpets twice in order to disable their magic and get the item.


Sailing in the Pond (Cookie)

20230309123519 1


To get Sailing in the Pond and acquire the cookie for Teacup's tea party, you'll need to go to the Plaza and talk to Tar in front of the bakery. Tar will tell you to go speak to Lyndon, who is located on the Pond and heading to the right towards the lighthouse.


Talking to Lyndon will start a lengthy cutscene with Lyndon, Bertol, and Teacup as they sail and reminisce until Bertol drops the picnic basket into the water, and you begin the minigame to pick up all of the dropped food from the river.


Once you've finished with the minigame, go back to the Plaza, into the bakery, and talk to Lyndon one last time to get the cookies and finish this section.


Light The Way (Rooibos)

20230309123516 1


To get rooibos, you have to go to the Villa inside the first house and talk to Olimpia; there, she will tell you about the rooibos tea and that she'll give it to you if you can help Rikard in the Pond. Go to the Pond, turn right, and then head inside the lighthouse to find him upstairs. Talk to him and start the minigame to fix the lighthouse.


This minigame has you setting up all of the gears in the right place. Follow the image below to get the right combination and finish the puzzle.


20230226143314 1


Once you've helped Rikard, he'll give you the rooibos, ending this section!


Pink Composition (Hibiscus)

20230309123518 2


The hibiscus is one of the easiest flowers to get in the game. Starting off in the Plaza, talk to the first lady — the seer in the tent called Adora — and let her read your fortune. Once this dialogue sequence is over, use your map to go to the Villa and continue walking to the house on the far right. Inside, you'll find Georgina; talk to her, and she'll give you the hibiscus.


The Welcoming Forest (Lemon Verbena)

20230309123514 2


It's worth noting that before you can get lemon verbena, you first need to have completed the jasmine tea to get Pankrati to ask you a favour with the raccoon triplets; otherwise, you won't be able to proceed to the necessary areas.


Once you've completed the necessary quests, head to the East Forest. You might get stuck here trying to pass the trail of ants thinking it's something that hasn't been unlocked yet. Like I did. For a long time... Walk down to avoid the ants and talk to the raccoon triplets, who will let you pass. On the next screen to the right, beside a pond, you can find the lemon verbena bush.


A Pause Under Kites

20230226150700 1


To my understanding, this isn't necessary to complete the game, but it is an achievement you can finish to get 100% in Teacup, and considering it's in the way, it doesn't hurt to do it. In the East Forest (or, if you've already been to the area once, in the Field), go to your two friends, Adele and Evangeline, and sit with them under the kites to talk for a bit. Once the dialogue is over, this achievement should unlock.


Nice Windy Day (Chamomile)

20230309123516 2


Another straightforward tea to get. Make sure you already have access to the Field past the East Forest by following the instructions in the "The Welcoming Forest" section. Go to the Field, head to the far right just before the next area, and collect the wild chamomile flowers on the floor.


The Cart In The Field (Sugar, White, Black, and Green Tea)

20230309123510 1


From the Field, make sure you go straight right and leave the area into the new slide, which has a cart with Kerim inside. He will give you some unsavoury tea, after which Teacup teaches him how to make it, and he asks you to help out while you serve the other customers.


This minigame is relatively straightforward and shouldn't take too long, though it is the second lengthiest in the game.


Miss you, Grandma (Lemon Balm, Ginger, and Rose Hip)

20230226015742 1


Miss you, Grandma — and the ingredients that come with it — is the ending of the game and must be done as the last step: make sure you've finished everything above before you try to continue with this part of the guide.


This next part is a bit confusing, as nothing really indicates to you what you need to do after you've finished most of the teas — and a big inspiration as to why I even made this guide to begin with. Once you've finished everything else, you'll need to go back to the Plaza and talk to Ciro, who will be having issues with the protagonist of the play. Now, Teacup must learn the lines and the moves to be able to help out, and this will lead you into The Ultimate Performance minigame.


This minigame isn't particularly hard, but it can be a bit long and tedious. Memorise the combination of moves (starting at three and ending at six) to do the right dances and please the crowd. Screwing up isn't detrimental, as you'll just have to restart that same dance instead of the entire minigame.


20230226153057 1


This is totally not an image I took to cheat. Nope. No...


All of the sequences are randomised, so you can't actually follow a specific guide on how to complete all of them; pay close attention to their pattern and complete them. Alternatively, if you're terrible at memory games (like me), you can take a screenshot and tab out of the game — Teacup freezes whenever it isn't your main tab, giving you time to open the screenshot and check the pattern.


Once you've finished The Ultimate Performance, go to the Villa and you'll see that the tree trunk has been cleared out of the way; this will lead you to Grandma's house and pass the day. Wait for the cutscene of Teacup rowing through Little Pond, arrive at Grandma's house, and head inside to find her on the far left of the area. Finish talking to her and she'll tell you that she'll make you some tea and she'll wait in her kitchen, which is located on the far right of the house. On your way there, interact with the red bush to get the rose hip, go inside the kitchen, and talk to her.


This marks the ending of the game, as the screen will fade to white and you'll get a short description of what happened afterwards. You can play the final minigame to serve your guests tea, but that isn't necessary to the 100% achievement, as, by this point, you've got the last achievement of the game!



Thanks a lot for checking out our guide for Teacup! This short and wholesome adventure is great for getting a quick 100% on Steam for achievement hunters. If you're stuck somewhere, feel free to leave me a comment below, and I'll try to help to the best of my knowledge!


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