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Sniper Elite 5: How to Accomplish All Kill Challenges

Sniper Elite 5: How to Accomplish All Kill Challenges

Sniper Elite 5 isn’t just about headshotting a small army’s worth of Nazis, oh no. There are actually many different ways to dispatch them and the game includes a set of challenges based on inventive ways to kill key targets. You’ll earn a new weapon for each of the eight challenges, so let’s dive in and unleash our creative side, shall we?

Mission 1 Kill Challenge: Kill Steffen Beckendorf with an Explosion

On the western side of the map you’ll find a town. Driving around this town will be our friend Steffen, and once his location has been marked it’s up to you to decide what your explosive method of choice will be.

I set a few proximity mines down, but a well-timed grenade will work just as well, as he will occasionally park up, allowing you a quick and easy kill.

Unlocks: Machine Pist.40. A submachine gun with decent control and a fairly sizeable magazine!

Mission 2 Kill Challenge: Kill Friedrich Kummler with a Chandelier


Located on the east side of the chateau, Kummler can be found wandering around the grand ballroom. When you find him you just have to play the waiting game, and snipe the chain holding up the chandelier once he’s stood underneath. If you find him straying away from where you need him to be, try throwing a bottle to get his attention!

Alternatively, knock the poor guy out and place him underneath the chandelier before shooting it down. Simple!

Unlocks: Karabiner 98. A powerful sniper rifle with the tradeoff of having a low rate of fire.

Mission 3 Kill Challenge: Kill Fabian Richter Using a Stealth Takedown

One of the more complex kill challenges, taking down Richter with a melee stealth attack — whilst he’s constantly being shadowed by other enemies — is no simple task! First you have to reach him (he’s one of the key targets in this mission so he’s easy to find) without being detected. So save often, and maybe attempt this after playing through the level once or twice.

Now, upstairs in the chapel you’ll find a guard patrolling on a balcony. Take him out and loot him to gain the key to the room Richter is in. Get inside and stay out of sight until everyone inside has finished talking, and get ready to act fast! Richter will be at the back of the group as they begin to leave, giving you just enough time to creep up and stick a knife in the guy!

Unlocks: Pistole 08. A powerful pistol with a surprisingly long range.

Mission 4 Kill Challenge: Kill Matthaus Elrich Using a Rat Bomb

Starting the level in the Resistance Safehouse, you’ll find the Rat Bomb needed to complete this challenge upstairs. Make your way over to the area Elrich is patrolling (similar to the last mission, killing him is a main objective) and you’ll see him standing near some shelves complaining about rats. Convenient! Once he leaves, you should see a white outline of a rat on the floor, which is precisely where your Rat Bomb needs to be placed. He takes a long time to stop talking and continue his patrol, but once he spots what he thinks is a rat, it’s game over for Elrich!

Unlocks: Pist.44. Effective at both close and long ranges, with a high amount of power.

Mission 5 Kill Challenge: Kill Baumann by Burying Him in Concrete

A very simple one here, you can find Baumann in a small shack on the lower left side of the construction site. Wait until he’s alone and perform a non-lethal takedown, and pick up his body. Close to the entrance of the building you’re in is a pit full of unset concrete; from there it’s as straightforward as dumping Baumann into it. Job done!

Unlocks: Type 100. Great rate of fire and control, also comes pre-equipped with a muzzle brake.

Mission 6 Kill Challenge: Kill Jaan Trautmaan with Poison


Head over to the large house where the objective to kill Trautmaan points you towards, where you’ll find the poison on a crate next to the stairs on the ground floor. Next, go up these stairs and at the opposite end of the hallway you’ll spot a table with a glass on it. No prizes for guessing what Karl pours into it!

Beside the now deadly drink is a bell, which you need to ring (then quickly get out of sight!) to get Trautmaan to come out of his room. A few moments later he'll take a big swig of the poison, finishing him off for good.

Unlocks: Model D. This ordinary pistol has bullets that can pierce through any enemy helmet!

Mission 7 Kill Challenge: Kill Dr. Christian Jungers with a V2

Get yourself over to the weapons lab and you’ll come across one area that has giant wind turbines. Above them you’ll see the V2 rocket suspended from the ceiling. Jungers will occasionally wander underneath, allowing you to snipe one of the chains and crush him.

For those of you wanting to speed the process up, your target can usually be found in an office in the upstairs portion of this area, where you can simply knock your victim out before — just like in the second kill challenge — leaving him under the V2 rocket and shooting the chain.

Unlocks: RSC 1918. Limited range but a very high rate of fire.

Mission 8 Kill Challenge: Kill Shinji Yoshikawa with a Japanese Weapon

Mission 8 has a few different ways to eliminate Yoshikawa, but I found that the easiest method was to begin the level with the Type 100 submachine gun (unlocked by completing the fifth Kill Challenge) and take him out once you reach his location.

Don’t have the Type 100 yet? No problem, as close to the area where Yoshikawa is will be a Type 14 pistol just waiting on a crate for you to pick up!

Unlocks: Type 14 Nambu. Quieter than a regular pistol, with a high rate of fire and reload speed. 

There we go, all of Sniper Elite 5’s Kill Challenges and how to accomplish them, as well as the respective unlocks. Nothing too difficult here thankfully, and some real fun ways to eliminate a few Nazis!

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

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