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How to Get the Mythril Stone in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

How to Get the Mythril Stone in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

  • Where can you get it? Agrabah
  • When should you farm it? Before Hollow Bastion

The Mythril Stone feels like both the easiest of the bunch and one of the most strategic, considering the fight against the Pot Scorpion. You'll need to head to Agrabah and find the Palace Gates location, where you'll have a chance for 12 pots to spawn — when you see these, you have the Pot Scorpion and can continue grinding the Mythril Stone. If the room is empty, then leave (one or two screens away, depending on whether you already have Encounters Plus or not) and come back until the pots are there.

Once you do, it's time to start looking for the Pot Scorpion but bearin mindyou don't want to hit the enemy. To find out which one is the mini-boss, run against all of the pots — if they move, they are safe to break, and if they can't be budged, then that's the Pot Scorpion. For the best odds to get the Mythril Stone, you'll want to break all of the other 11 pots before you start the fight, which will then max out at a 35% chance of dropping a Mythril Stone, and each one has an individual chance of dropping one, too!

For this beginning phase, I recommend running against the pots until you find the Pot Scorpion; it's faster if you know which one is the enemy rather than which one isn't. From there, nudge away all pots and break them individually, though be wary of the attacks you are using against them, as some of them (like Sora's wide, sweeping attack) can break two or more at any given point, and have a chance to smack the Pot Scorpion by accident. To this end, I suggest you move the pots nearest to the enemy away first and hit them one by one.

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After you've cleared out all of the pots to get the highest chance for a Mythril Stone possible, you can start your fight against the Pot Scorpion. In the first phase, it will run around and throw poison, so you need to get its attention by hitting it, even if your attack bounces off. Once it looks in your direction and seemingly punches with both of its pincers, you'll need to use the Guard ability to block its charge and turn it upside-down — this is when it's vulnerable, and you should be able to hit one or two combos. Be wary, though, as the poison in the ground can still hit you.

Once you've dealt enough damage, the Pot Scorpion will change to the second phase, where you have to do pretty much the same thing: be a nuisance until it gets tired of you and attacks you. In this stage, it has a faster stab attack that it does, but the strategy remains: be annoying, get its attention, block whichever attack it does, and deal damage. It's relatively easy, and one of the reasons I recommend farming Mythril Stones before you head off to Hollow Bastion is because once you do go there, all enemies — including the Pot Scorpion — get a boost of strength, making the fight a bit harder.

There are a few abilities that make this much easier. Notably, I found a heavy Strength build to work by utilising Olympia with Critical Plus (LV 48 & 75 with Dream Shield, LV 84 & 99 with Dream Sword, and LV 96 & 100 with Dream Rod) to dish out more damage in the limited window of vulnerability. Likewise, Counterattack (LV 45 Dream Shield, LV 15 Dream Sword, LV 57 Dream Rod) makes the part where you have to get its attention easier, and Sliding Dash (LV 39 Dream Shield, LV 6 Dream Sword, and LV 50 Dream Rod) makes closing the gap between you and the Pot Scorpion easier, so you get to do more attacks. And if you have Goofy, remove his Charge ability to stop him from hitting the Pot Scorpion away from you when it's vulnerable — that made the fights so much easier once I did it.

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