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Redfall Tips & Tricks

Redfall Tips & Tricks

If you've been considering picking up Redfall— or already did — you're going to need some tips and tricks to navigate the treacherous titular town. Whether it be vampires, cultists, the environment, or troll members of your group, there's a lot trying to kill you, and we've got some advice to help you thrive!

#1 — Focus on the quests

1 Redfall missions

As we said in our review, Redfall is more of an "open-world" with extra emphasis on the quotation marks. Whilst you can walk around and explore the town at your leisure, we heavily advise you not to! Pick up a main mission, head out to finish it, and return to pick up the next one. 

Although we do encourage you to explore, scavenge, and even secure safe houses, try not to go too deep into it — you'll just find empty areas if you do. 

#2 — Be careful with your inventory

2 Redfall inventory

Although you don't need to keep tabs on your bag all the time, I do suggest you make sure to clear out as much as you can before entering a vampire nest! You really don't want to be full of useless weapons while the timer ticks down and you're surrounded by amazing guns you can't grab.

#3 — Balance your weapons of choice

3 Redfall three weapons

I have never been a big fan of snipers, but this time around, I've made use of them big time. Ideally, you have a sniper, an assault rifle, and a shotgun when you're going to fight cultists, and once you know you'll face vampires, change the sniper for a stake gun; although they don't have a ton of ammo, they are crucial in moments when you're up against four or five vampires.

As for the ones of you who will go in a team, I cannot recommend enough that you balance your weapons throughout the group: having my wife carry a UV gun while I had the stakes helped enormously! 

#4 — Use UV guns intelligently!

4 Redfall UV guns

You might have noticed weird statues around Redfall that blow out the red mist, and you may have seen that sometimes they guard what seems like pretty important items. This isn't always the case, so if you go around blowing them all up, you'll end up without ammo when you actually find a good one! 

This isn't dangerous or all that imperative, really; you would just need to go and find some ammo and return. But most of the red mist statues you encounter don't really hold anything of value inside their danger zone, so you might as well avoid them and save yourself the hassle.

#5 — Scavenge, scavenge, scavenge

5 Redfall scavenge

One of my favourite features is how well they implemented the inventory system: it's intuitive, easy to use, and you instantly sell most items. This means it's not annoying to go out and scavenge for items, and it becomes quite easy to rack up a good amount of money. This is essential if you want to be able to buy cool weapons, useful tools, or even just health packs. So although it might become boring for some of you, I would advise you at least try to scavenge consistently, if not always!

#6 — Tools are your friends

6 Redfall tools kit lockpick

Piggybacking off the previous tip, once you have enough money to buy stuff, I couldn't recommend more that you prioritise tools like lockpicks and wires. Out in the town, you'll find a ton of health packs and food to help you stay alive, but the locked containers can hold some of the best weapons. You'll also be able to picklock houses and disable enemy traps if you have the items for it!

#7 — Find your best character

7 Redfall characters

Once you're a bit more well-versed on how the game works, I suggest you try out every character for a while. They all have very different play styles and abilities, and you'd do well playing through the whole game with your favourite one. 

A bonus tip to that is that you and your friends can all choose the same character, so there's no need to worry about liking the ones your group might enjoy, too!

#8 — Hips don't lie

8 redfall shot from hip

It turns out that my wife had resorted to shooting from the hip multiple times throughout arduous battles! Whilst I didn't get to try this tip myself, she swears that in certain situations and with some guns, it's better to give up on the scopes and hand over the proverbial wheel.

#9 — Save your skill points

9 Redfall save skills

Levelling up and getting points is exciting! But I highly recommend you hoard them up until you get your ultimate. Once you do, you'll have a better understanding of what your abilities do and which ones you like the most. Then, I'd say, is when you should bother using your hard-earned points!

#10 — Don't forget the environment

10 Redfall environment explosion

Redfall offers tons of opportunities to take down enemies with the world around you — from blowing up groups of cultists to zapping a vampire out of existence; you'd do good to keep an eye out for these opportunities. Using electricity to replace staking a vampire when you won't arrive to it in time will save you tons of trouble!

That's it for all the insider knowledge I have on Redfall! I wish you the best as you enter the titular town to face those blood-sucking maniacs! The game said it best: get out there, take no s#$%, and God be with you.

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Violet Plata

Violet Plata

Staff Writer

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Acelister - 12:23pm, 8th May 2023

My tip would be to ignore the first locked chest you come across on a boat, because I backtracked there only to be given 5 bullets...

Spooky_0ne - 05:49pm, 8th May 2023 Author

Lol, that is a good one!