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6 Tips and Tricks for Ghostwire: Tokyo

6 Tips and Tricks for Ghostwire: Tokyo

Early on in games, we tend to make a lot of mistakes. I know that I've learned a couple of tricks here and there throughout my years of gaming to prevent as many as I can, yet somehow, I still fail with every game I play. To better avoid anyone doing stupid stuff like me (or to better prepare you for the dangerous world of Tokyo), here are 6 tips & tricks for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

#1 — Save your SKILL POINTS early

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Ghostwire: Tokyo has a skill tree system that allows you to pick between 22 different skills (or 68 total if you include upgrades), and it's easy to get excited to get all of them as soon as possible, but I'm recommending that you wait.

Generally, with skills that cost any form of currency (such as SKILL POINTS), I try to wait for a while until I am more comfortable with the gameplay and I've learned my playstyle so that I can select the right ones, and Ghostwire: Tokyo is no exception.

Bonus: Try to select fighting skills first, as although skills like Amenokagami or Omoigane are fun and great for collectibles, they don't offer any advantages in combat, and those can be VERY useful.

#2 — Explore

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is an open-world game, and typical to the genre, it has a lot of things to explore and do. Although it can be exciting to just continually move on to the next main quest to know what happens at the end of the story, I'm advising you to explore a little first.

Exploration nets tons of rewards, including MAGATAMAs to break skill locks in the skill tree, consumables to survive longer in battle, meika (currency) to buy as many arrows as necessary, and experience to get SKILL POINTS to get more skills that make you stronger. It is simply far too much of a good idea to explore to justify ignoring it.

Bonus: If you're a completionist, try to complete every area as you're introduced to it. This way, the fog partially works as a boundary limit, indicating to you where any given area ends. Not doing this can make it incredibly confusing when a particular section ends; knowing the boundaries makes it easy to hunt for the ever-fleeting tanuki.

#3 — Use your bow & arrow to hit the core

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This isn't something explained in the game, but you can actually kill the Visitors early before their life runs out or their core gets exposed.

If you deal enough damage to them, their core slowly starts appearing. If you manage to aim the arrow straight at the core and shoot it, it'll instantly kill them, regardless of how much health they have left. I was sceptical about this mechanic at first and continued trying it, but I found out that it actually did seem to work on pretty much every Visitor I tested it out on.

#4 — Don't underestimate stealth

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I know it's really fun to jump into battle recklessly and play Ghostwire: Tokyo as if it was a shoot 'em up game, but — as long as you're playing on higher difficulties and care to keep your deaths at the minimum — this isn't optimal.

Remember that sneaking up on the Visitors allows you to instantly kill them. One thing the game neglects to tell you, however, is that despite the scream that they make when being executed this way, it doesn't actually alert any nearby foes. Doing this helps greatly to dwindle enemy numbers, especially when they are trying to take away containment cubes and are distracted channelling that attack.

#5 — Spend meika freely

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I know it's a bit intimidating to use currencies in games, especially ones that offer consumables and ammo as part of the things you can purchase, but I'm here to tell you not to worry; meika is surprisingly easy to get.

If you're exploring (as you should be), there are plenty of golden objects to destroy that grant several hundred (often, several thousand) meika at once. Not only that, finding lost spirits and returning them through the payphones grants a lot of meika too; pretty much everything you do gives you meika. So, if there's something you need, buy it! Chances are, you'll have enough meika in the future to be able to splurge.

#6 — Grab enemy cores as often as you can, but do it carefully

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It might be obvious, but you’ll want to destroy enemy cores as often as you can to get ether (ammo) and increase your resonance to cast Wire In (an ability later on in the game). You’ll want to be careful when doing this, however, as both grabbing cores and Quick Purge don’t make you immune to attacks, and Visitors standing by can still hit and kill you. I died far too many times because of this!

That's it for our Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips & Tricks article! Is there anything I missed, or something that helped you along the way? Share it in the comments below; there's a big possibility I may not know that trick, and it could be useful! If I find any other tips and tricks, I'll definitely make a part two.

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