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11 Tips & Tricks for Undungeon

11 Tips & Tricks for Undungeon

It's pretty common to make mistakes whilst playing games. I, for one, tend to make a crap ton of them, and looking back it's something I laugh off. However, to some people, this can be very frustrating. Well, fret not, for here are 11 tips and tricks for Undungeon!

#1 - Fight everything in your path.

20211202232016 1

It's easier than it looks, cross my heart.

There are several reasons why you're going to want to do this. You'll want to make sure that you are comfortable with Undungeon's combat as you get deeper into the game; there isn’t a particularly aggressive power spike, but once ranged enemies get introduced you'll be thankful you practised.

Aside from that, the game heavily rewards fighting. Each enemy you kill can drop organs, and those organs will work for several different things, such upgrades for your character or trading with vendors for a ton of things. Money is very important in Undungeon because of all of the different things you can buy.

Bonus: The best way to get a ton of organs quickly — albeit having to put in some effort — is to find a fight between vinegaroons and bandits. This will prove a difficult task because they both will attack you all the while attacking each other, and oftentimes one of the teams win and all turn against you, but succeeding and killing everyone with knives will net you dozens of corpses to dissect.

#2 - Learn how to vary your fighting.

20211206131306 1

This might feel a bit obvious, but hear me out. When I first began playing Undungeon I played strictly melee and completely neglected using knives. I suffered greatly for this because once ranged enemies were introduced with shotguns, I struggled a lot incorporating knives in my playstyle. Once I succeeded, I depended too much on the knives, and later needed to learn how to use the grenades.

Undungeon has you adapting as enemies appear and different playstyles are certainly encouraged, so to make your journey easier, it's imperative to learn how to change according to the situation.

#3 - Learn to use knives to finish off enemies.

20211206131319 1

So many yummy organs.

Early on, you're taught how different forms of killing provide different rewards. These mostly boil down to melee, knife, and explosive kills, with each having its own ups and downs. However, I found it best to use knives early game whilst fighting vinegaroons to facilitate harvesting organs due to the dissecting system taught by Eyen, which allowed me to have a ton by the time I was able to craft my own.

All of the organs you acquire early will make it far easier to progress into the mid- and late-game by allowing you to sell them as currency and being able to craft your own organs. As a nice plus, you'll learn how to use the knife fighting style early.

#4 - Advance the story until you meet Gilimantus.

20211206140015 1

The game can feel like it progresses rather slowly through the mountains of text thrown your way and the difficulty of trying to understand all of the lore. However, try to avoid doing too many side-quests until you meet Gilimantus. The reasoning for this is that once you do, you can begin crafting your own organs which will allow you to take more lethal damage, given that your organs break before your character dies. 

#5 - Make sure to trade with vendors often.

20211206130959 1

You know the world is %@^#ed up when two knives cost a heart and an eye.

Vendors have all sorts of useful things in Undungeon, in large part due to the vast amount of items available in the game. However, some of the most important things vendors sell are knives and healing items.

Although knives will often unstick from enemies once they're dead, allowing you to retrieve them, that doesn't mean this will always be the case, and knives are very important when it comes to fighting against ranged enemies. And of course, healing items are imperative for the game because they are some of the only sources to replenish HP, and they are rarely found in the wild.

Aside from that, whenever Subtech Meds are available for purchase, make sure to snag those, for they are very important for organ crafting.

#6 - Always equip as many organs as possible.

20211202185641 2

It might be easy to lose an organ, shrug it off and say "Eh, I have three more to lose" instead of returning to the hub to craft new ones. This is a mistake because each organ has a ton of bonuses and buffs that can be the difference between life and death.

Bonus: Save your primitive and developed glands for when you can craft the organ "Central Immunity". This organ is great because not only does it give you buffs to armour and damage when outnumbered, but also is the first organ to break and returns damage when it does. Having several of these will ensure that no other organ ever breaks, so have several replacements for these whenever you can.

#7 - Focus your runes on health first.

20211206134037 1

This is more of a survivalist tip than anything, but early in the game it feels like everything hits a tad too hard. The best way to make it unscathed early — when you can't buy knives for ranged combat nor replace your broken organs — is to invest in a lot of health. it might not be the most fun way to play, because it'll prevent you from seeing high damage numbers, but it certainly offers the much-needed survivability early.

#8 - Check the icons on top of your mini-map.


The icon indicates there is one chest, possibly hidden on a big destructible item.

Each area will have a little icon on top of the mini-map, which will indicate how many items there are, along with how many chests are hidden. This is very useful to keep in mind because they are found by destroying environmental objects, allowing you to get more items per area.

#9 - When fighting humanoids, chase them once they're low on health.

20211206134345 2

Prey on their fear.

Undungeon has a unique mechanic where if you use a healing item, you need to hit it first before it triggers, and if an enemy hits it first, they get the benefits; however, the same is applicable vice-versa as well. If you follow your humanoid foes once they're closer to death, you can actually snag their heal. And, if you kill them once they already cast the heal, you can wait for it to drop and get a free one!

#10 - Destroy everything in the area.

20211206131248 1

Herald farming simulator.

There are gamers that have the patience to destroy everything in each area and this is something that Undungeon players will benefit from.

Each place you enter will have flora, chests, and sometimes terrain to destroy. Although sometimes these don't drop stuff, other times they'll drop items that are meant to be sold. These don't net a ton of money, but when stacked up begin working as a fine trading substitute to your hard-earned organs. Aside from that, oftentimes cacti will drop needles which are fine alternatives for knives when short on them, which can be very useful!

#11 - You can see which rare item each area will give you.

rare item stuff

This Bandit Camp has Spirit Spark, for instance.

This one is super important because I had no idea it was even possible, but right beneath the name of the area in the map, you can see which rare item it will contain, which will heavily facilitate farming for rare materials. I personally was looking for Spirit Spark for the longest time and couldn't find it, until this little factlet was shared with me.

That's all for our tips and tricks for Undungeon! Have anything else you want to add? Let me know in the comments below! I'm sure my wife will be delighted to know some tips for her imminent playthrough. And don't forget to stay awesome!

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Artura Dawn

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