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How to Get the Fury Stone in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

How to Get the Fury Stone in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

  • Where can you get it? Wonderland
  • When should you farm it? After completing the Pegasus Cup at Olympus Coliseum

You'll need five Fury Stones to complete the entire synthesis shop and unlock the unique weapon that requires them. The Fury Stone is dropped by the Gigas Shadow, enemies that spawn in the Bizarre Room — if Shadow Heartless are spawning, then after three waves of enemies, the Gigas Shadow will spawn.

There is a caveat to this, however: seven different Gigas Shadows spawn, but each time you get hit, one of them will despawn. You need to be able to kill at least three of them to have a 10% chance of getting a Fury Stone and to have a 100% chance, you'll need to have killed all of them. So being able to use AoE attacks, invulnerability frames, and creating distance between you and them is going to be imperative.

I'd personally avoid any synthesis items that require Fury Stones until you have done 15 unique synthesis items and unlocked Group IV alongside the Encounter Plus ability.With this skill, Heartless respawn every time you leave and enter a room. So by going in and out of the Bizarre Room, you'll be able to have a new chance at the Gigas Heartless waves to spawn.

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If you do not have the Encounter Plus ability, then there is only one way to reset the Bizarre Room's Heartless: go back to the Queen's Castle and head into the Lotus Forest. There is a theory that if you find White Mushroom enemies in the Lotus Forest, you'll have a better chance at spawning a Gigas Shadow by getting rid of them — at this point, I'd recommend actually getting rid of them by completing their requests so that you can farm Mystery Goo alongside the Fury Stones. I found this to have some merit, as once I'd dealt with the White Mushroom enemies, the Gigas Heartless room would respawn — this might be due to there only being a possibility for one rare material in each world and the Mystery Goo causing a contradiction to that, but that's just a theory.

Once you've actually spawned the Gigas Shadows, this is where the actual grind starts. Fury Stones are particularly easy because you get two of them for defeating all seven, but not taking damage can be a bit taxing, especially early in the game.If you haven't done the Pegasus Cup in Olympus Coliseum, then I'd suggest that you do to get Strike Raid — this ability gives you several attacks and has a lot of invulnerability frames, meaning you'll deal heavy damage to the seven Heartless before it runs out.

If you insist on farming it before the Pegasus Cup because you need the extra experience from the EXP Earring, then you can instead take the opportunity to start doing it after Neverland. Using the Glide ability, jump on top of the table and glide around the room while Donald and Goofy deal damage to the Gigas Shadows. I'd suggest using a Strength-based build for Donald so he doesn't miss Thunder (as he does for me all of the time), but bear in mind: a Gigas Shadow cannot be killed by Donald or Goofy — they will remain at 1HP until you deal the killing blow. Quickslot Thunder into somewhere you'll feel comfortable, land near the Gigas Shadows, and cast Thunder to kill any stragglers, especially since it'll allow Donald and Goofy to focus on the ones that they haven't dealt damage to.

Do this properly, and once you've killed seven Gigas Shadows, you'll get two assured drops of Fury Stones! You'll only need a total of five to complete everything that has a Fury Stone.

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