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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Starter Tips

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Starter Tips

So you fell through the space-time rift and found yourself in a world that barely knows what a Pokémon is and yet wants you to capture them to fill a book? Well, it’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus and it’s just come out, we’ve all been there.

Nonetheless, I figured I’d lend my wisdom to give some tips for the Galaxy Team Survey Corps’ newest members. I wouldn’t want you to be kicked out and die in the wilderness like Captain Cyllene keeps threatening…

Save Often

Your Arc Phone is the most advanced technology in the entire world, so use it! You can save whenever and wherever you are, so don’t forget to do so.

Capture Lots of the Same Pokémon

Since you’re filling your Pokédex, your job is more than just capturing them all. To successfully complete an entry in your Pokédex, you need to complete research tasks for Professor Laventon, and raise each research level to 10. These involve capturing the same Pokémon multiple times, seeing Pokémon do certain moves, and even catching Pokémon without being spotted! Some require evolving, too, which while I’m talking about it…

Evolve Your Pokémon

Unlike other Pokémon titles, you have to manually evolve your team! It’s an option when viewing them in your satchel, so make sure to take advantage when the opportunity comes.

Throw Pokéballs In Battles

You’re not actually told this, it’s just assumed you’ll know, but you can throw Pokéballs while fighting wild Pokémon. Press up on the D-pad to open your inventory, and feel free to use berries and potions as required, too!

Craft Pokéballs

While you can buy Pokéballs (and better ones as you increase in rank), it’s easier and cheaper to craft them. What’s more, you’ll receive a Crafting Kit early on that allows you to craft things whenever you like without returning to town. It requires one Apricorn and one Tumblestone for each Pokéball, and you can get those by throwing a Pokémon at berry trees and mineral outcrops, so don’t forget! After all…

You Don’t Need To Retrieve Your Pokémon

When you chuck a Pokémon at a tree, or toss a Pokéball at an uncaptured Pokémon, you don’t have to wait around. Just keep going and the ball will return to you after a couple of seconds, even if you run off. Sure, you might not capture the Pokémon you threw a ball at, but that’s not because you ran, it’s just the natural odds of throwing Pokéballs.

Fall Damage Hurts

Yes, I will admit that it looks cool when you leap off of a tall peak and almost glide through the air a few metres, but when you land it will hurt! Remember, if you take too much damage (from falls or Pokémon attacks), you’ll black out. You will recover health when away from wild Pokémon, though, so just hang on a few seconds.

I hope these tips help your journey as it begins in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, out on Nintendo Switch.

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