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10 V Rising Tips & Tricks

10 V Rising Tips & Tricks

So, you just started your blood-sucking adventures and you want to make Dracula proud. Maybe you're not very good at avoiding the sunlight or you just don't know how often to feed before you're considered gluttonous. Well, I've got you covered, batling; here are 10 tips & tricks for V Rising!

#1 — Do your quests

V Rising Objectives Quests Complete

I'm gonna be honest, when I first started playing V Rising, I thought that the quests would cease and I'd go to open-ended gameplay, but soon realised that they're important. 

Thing is, these quests work as your objectives throughout V Rising, so you'll want to progress those not only to continue your storyline but unlock more crafting recipes and things to do.

#2 — Advance until you unlock the Blood Altar and defeat your first V Blood enemy

20220512195027 1

Tying in directly with #1, you'll want to advance those objectives until you've unlocked the Blood Altar and get the opportunity to fight your first V Blood enemy. 

Each V Blood enemy unlocks something useful, and although I won't spoil what you'll unlock for your first feast, you'll certainly want to get it early. Not only that, but ideally you have the ability to start hunting V Blood enemies to unlock skills while you continue growing your evil almighty castle of doom.

#3 — Use your blood types accordingly

blood type blood pool v rising

This might seem obvious, but I figured I'd add it here for safety regardless; once you've learned about blood types, you're going to want to focus your objectives according to which type (and quality) of blood you have available to you at any given moment.

If you have worker blood that is very high quality and can't find a comparative percentage of a different type, then you should get some resources; this will vastly facilitate whichever task you set yourself out to do. Kill tough enemies with strong fighting-based types, farm resources with gathering blood types, and explore with defensive ones; that way, you ensure you're the best at doing whatever it is you have the blood to do.

#4 — Check enemy blood quality before you kill them

20220525131216 1

Another seemingly obvious one, but you'll want to focus on what your enemy's blood type and quality is before you kill them; most notably, you'll want to focus on the latter.

There is nothing worse than fighting your way through groups of enemies with great blood types but letting your bloodlust get the best of you and not noticing that there is high-quality blood within that group. Make a habit out of checking their quality before killing them; don't worry about their type, as you'll soon enough learn that by memory.

#5 — Use your feast ability as an execute

20220525131249 1

After lowering the enemy's health to a certain point, you'll get the opportunity to feast on them to steal their blood and make it your own. At first, I avoided doing this at all costs because I was worried I'd lose my blood type, but I soon realised (after doing it by accident and freaking out I'd lose high-quality blood) that you don't take their blood type right away.

It's really useful to be able to fight through groups of enemies and chomp at their jugulars in order to execute them and dwindle their numbers. The fewer hits you have to give to any given enemy, the more you can focus on others equally deserving of your rage.

#6 — Position your castle smartly

20220512200840 1

It's easy to get very excited to start building your almighty castle of doom and death in the first place you find, but I'm here to advise you against that; you'll want to find a smart place for it.

Some things to look out for are:

  • Make sure it's positioned near resources but not so near that it'll stop you from growing the castle itself.
  • Make sure it's at a good point where you can run off to and come back easily; difficult castles to access can be deadly because of the sunlight.
  • Make sure it's near bandit camps so you can go and farm resources through them such as bones, but also so you have an endless well of human blood to feast on.

Once you meet all of these requirements (or most), you'll be eternally (literally) grateful for the easy access to all of the above.

Bonus: When you open the map and hover over a bandit camp, you can check what items they drop inside that camp; check for which ones have the highest number of resources and build your castle near them.

#7 — Play in PvE first

20220525131859 2

Unless you don't mind getting ganked, I'd advise against playing PvP on your first server because there is a big possibility you'll be inexperienced and face death at the hand of another vampire or a cauldron of vampires (get it?).

Once you're more accustomed to fighting, know where some of the V Blood enemies are, and which resources you'll need plenty of, you can safely enter PvP if you don't mind relinquishing numerous deaths to rogue vampires or clans of them.

#8 — Pay attention to the time

V Rising Time Clock Image

This one's easier said than done; not because the game hides this information from you, it doesn't, but because it's easy to lose track of time while going on a feasting rampage.

Truth is, if you lose track of time and the morning comes around, you'll face one of the game's deadliest foes: the Sun. As a vampire, your greatest weakness after garlic and the love of Jesus Christ is the Sun, and you'll need to hide in the shadows. Aside from combat being extremely difficult while hiding under a tree, this makes it incredibly challenging to be productive with your time, and it'll force you to hide until the night comes around. So instead, pay attention to the time, pay attention to how far away from your castle you are, and return when appropriate.

#9 — Save the hardest battles for blood moons

20220512135046 1

Blood moons increase the strength of your blood type exponentially, meaning that you'll gain plenty of benefit and power once one of these rolls around. If you are patient and don't mind waiting to fight the hard V Blood enemies for when there's a blood moon, you can (and should) wait it out to ensure you don't lose anything.

This is important because, if you're not confident you can kill your foe, you might lose a strong blood type and quality pair that could aid you throughout killing other foes. There is no shame in waiting and leaving another enemy alive while you wait for the blood moon to slay them.

#10 — Kill everything

20220525132226 1

You're a vampire; this should be natural to you!

See that pack of skeletons in the distance? Kill them. Do you see that band of ruffians and rascals? Annihilate them. Do you see Bambi's mom? Eat her. Everything you do, despite V Rising not having an XP system, will work towards something greater. No resource that an enemy drops is useless, and you'll want to have an overabundance of everything.

Unlike wood and stone, you can't set out on an adventure and find a plethora of bones naturally. Killing everything ensures that you'll have all you'll ever need to grow your castle or forge your armour.

Bonus: While you're at it, just gather pretty much everything. You can never have too much wood or stone, and preferably you have too many rather than have to waste part of a night gathering resources when that wasn't your main intention in the first place.

That's it for all of my tips and tricks, little batling. I have faith that, in no time, you'll do your blood-feasting ancestors proud. Now, in the name of Vladimir Dracula, go and genocide! 

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