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Lost Ark Gunner (Gunslinger/Deadeye) Class Tips

Lost Ark Gunner (Gunslinger/Deadeye) Class Tips

As with most free-to-play MMORPGs, you might be tempted to dip your toe into the various character classes to see which ones you like. You might even have picked your ideal class before Lost Ark came out like I did! That’s right, I went straight for the gunner class! As the female can only choose one advanced class (gunslinger) my tips are geared towards that. However, they’re also applicable for the male gunner’s Deadeye advanced class, too!

Here are some tips based on my experience playing as a gunner in Lost Ark, I hope they help!

Remember to Switch Weapons

It’s only mentioned once during the prologue, so you’d be forgiven for missing it due to the mobs of enemies attacking. As a gunner you have three weapons, each with their own ability cooldowns and effective ranges. You can swap between the three firearms at any time (as long as you’re not staggered), and doing so regularly is the key to successful combat.

Keep Your Distance

You’ve chosen a long-distance character, so clearly you knew this one. But it’s harder than you’d think! Enemies will run towards you and, while you can stand there and shoot at them while they slap you, you have two movement abilities with your handguns. The level one handgun abilities include Quick Step which lets you slide forwards while firing, and Somersault Shot that makes you jump over an enemy while shooting them. Both do send you towards the enemy, but then you just have to keep going in that direction. At level 22 you’ll unlock Dexterous Shot, another movement ability which can be used twice in a row!

Use the Shotgun for Breathing Room

Another seemingly obvious one but, given the shorter range and wide shot spread of the shotgun, it’s ideal for getting rid of a bunch of close enemies. Its level one ability Hour of Judgment is really powerful, capable of destroying multiple enemies at once — or at least decimating their health. Since you don’t need to reload it between uses, the normal attack is perfectly suited for staggering a group long enough for you to reposition or take a potion.

Don’t Underestimate the Rifle

With its slow firing rate, low amount of abilities, and need to reload after five rounds, you’d be forgiven for thinking the rifle is kinda useless. However, when used properly it’s a fantastic addition to your arsenal! The shotgun is ideal for when you’re being crowded, but if you see an ally being crowded the rifle is great. Its level one ability Spiral Flame can destroy a bunch of enemies at once, though they have to be close to the firing line!

If — like me — you decide to use a gunner, I hope these tips help keep you fighting fit!

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