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How to Get the Power Stone in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

How to Get the Power Stone in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

  • Where can you get it? Traverse Town After Locking Keyhole
  • When should you farm it? Before Hollow Bastion First Visit

The infamous Power Stone is known for one reason only: making a generation of gamers irrationally scared of pink monkeys. Don't believe me? Meet the Sniperwilds, the third and final variation of the monkey-themed Heartless first introduced in the Deep Jungle, though this time, they're the ones hunting you.

I'm not kidding.

Sniperwilds have a chance to spawn in the second district of Traverse Town after you've completed the area, killed the boss, and locked the keyhole. You'll find one Sniperwild in the centre of the district, and you'll see that it's surveying the area, occasionally stopping to light up its eyes and look around itself — it's looking for you.

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The trick to getting the Power Stones, then, lies in actually being able to defeat not one, not three, but six of the Sniperwilds without getting caught. If they see you, they'll spawn endless waves of Sniperwilds to shoot at you with slingshots dealing criminal amounts of damage, and you'll soon develop Pithecophobia. In order to get the Power Stone, you'll need to defeat six of these, and then you'll have a measly 35% chance of getting a stone.

Sniperwilds spawn in the exact same wave formation and the exact same locations: there is one, then two, then three. After you've killed three, it will go back to spawning one, and so on, which makes them a bit more predictable than you might expect, but the aggro ratio can be dauntingly big when you're standing in front of them.

You can stand at Gizmo's shop and in areas near there to survey their movements, but they're not set, so no learning their patrol patterns here. Sometimes, they'll jump up to the Hotel or the Shoe Shop, and the plan is that you'll need to catch any of the ones that move out of formation and isolate themselves to kill them, which grows more complex when there are three of them at any given point.

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The accepted method is using magic to try to stop them: casting Fire on them will make them make a mad dash towards you, so you can use a combo to kill them. Using Stop gives you the capability to isolate them and deal enough damage to them, but bear in mind that once they free themselves from Stop — if you didn't do enough damage to kill them — they'll trigger the waves. Or, the most common one is using Mushu's summon to — once again — dash at them and try to kill them while using Summon-boosting accessories and weapons, and then dropping aggro once Mushu runs out, replenish, repeat.

My method, however, involved more panic, less intelligent use of my movement and resources, and madly flailing at them, hoping I wouldn't get caught. Strangely, my method proved the most fruitful (in my personal grind) — I equipped all heavy-hitting items so that I could kill the Sniperwilds with as few attacks as possible... and I'd spawn camp them. Stand in the middle of the spawn location where all three will be (they always spawn in a triangle shape pointing towards the First District), kill the Sniperwild that is in the direction of the Hotel, then the Shoe Shop, and finally, the one in the First District.

With enough strength, you'll have to use one combo per Sniperwild, and it should give you plenty of time to kill all six of them and have a chance at earning the Power Stone. With this method, I made it to three waves without getting caught, while the other methods were... more Ether-consuming and not moron-proofed enough for me to use.

The reason you want to do this before Hollow Bastion is because once you enter Hollow Bastion, all enemies — including the terrifying pink monkeys — will get a boost in strength.This will increase their health, make them harder to kill, and make your Power Stone harder to get; if these had been the guardians of the Power Stone in Avengers, we seriouslywouldn’t have had a Thanos problem.

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