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10 Tips & Tricks for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

10 Tips & Tricks for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

It's time to stop the Midnight Sun prophecy, Hunter! But before we do that, how about we go over some basic tips & tricks? It never hurts to go over the basics... Here are our top 10 tips & tricks to ensure you go into Marvel's Midnight Suns as best prepared as you can!

#1 — Keep a Good Rotation of Teams

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 1

I'll be the first to admit it: I suck at doing this. If a turn-based strategy title has an injury system, I'm 27% less likely to like it (stats verified by professionals). I'm the type of gal that'll have one team, get obsessed with it, and incessantly take them into combat despite the fact that Captain America is limping into battle — get in there, Cap!

Jokes aside, you're going to want to get used to changing characters here and there. There are 13 total heroes before you count additional DLC ones that'll help you morb on your enemies, which means that you'll need to take some characters, like it or not. Some Story quests force you to take someone else, and you do not want to be underprepared for when that happens. Which is why you'll want to...

#2 — Keep Everyone Near the Same Level

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 2

By building a T.H.R.E.A.T early in your playthrough (and I mean as soon as you can; there is no excuse not to), you'll be able to level up your heroes by throwing them in a three-wave battle against the Soulless. Your heroes don't suffer injuries here, level up, and it's a great way to try out a specific deck and see what stands out. Surviving three waves is no small feat — just ask Captain America! — but you don't necessarily have to succeed in the quest to reap its rewards. 

If like me, you overleveled Steve Rogers, then all of your foes will try to regulate to his level. So, if Stevey is 11 whilst Robbie is seven (totally not a real example, I definitely love Robbie, yup), Robbie will neither have the damage nor HP to survive an encounter. So make sure everyone's at least one level within each other to ensure that everyone has the same strength against your foes.

#3 — Injuries Happen — But That's Not a Bad Thing

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 3

Whilst in missions, if a character takes damage when they're too low on HP already, they'll receive the "Injured" effect, making them weaker in the next mission encounter unless you let them rest. There are some facilities you can research that'll make this a one-day process, but regardless, you'll need to get used to characters getting debuffed.

So, if your character is low at HP and gets injured, it's okay! That's part of the experience. I know I reset several quests to stop Captain America from getting hurt, but in the long run, I realised I could take Magik (my other bae) instead. All’s well that ends well!

#4 — Give Everyone a Good Build

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 4

Whenever you take a character on a quest, you'll get cards that relate to them, allowing you to give them stronger abilities. Keeping in line with "keep everyone the same level" and "don't neglect everyone else but Captain America and Magik", you'll also want them to have a good deck to go into battle.

A good deck vastly depends on your playstyle, team, and character you're building, but a generally good rule of thumb is to avoid having too many heroics, having as many Quick attacks as you can, and focusing on a character's speciality. I know it's tempting to make the Sorcerer Supreme a heavy damage dealer, but he works best as a Heroic-earning machine. This isn't to say you can't experiment, as that's a big part of the fun, but definitely make sure their abilities are upgraded and decks properly prepared.

#5 — Choose Which Side Quest To Do Wisely

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 5

There are numerous rewards you can get per quest you do, and they often don't differ. Whether it's upgrade orbs for your cards, credits, intel cache, or Artifacts, it's essential to always know what you need and why. 

Focusing on the rarity is a good start, with purple rewards often being more worth it in the long run, but always keep in mind what you need at the moment. For example, if Steve Rogers has an ability that hasn't been upgraded before, then it's a good idea to go for upgrade orbs!

#6 — Focus on Your Objective

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 6

Once you've chosen your quest, it's time to get to fighting! It can be a bit overwhelming how many enemies Marvel's Midnight Suns throws at you at any given moment, but the answer on who to kill is fairly simple: your target.

Don't get me wrong; just because Captain America can handle all enemies attacking him, you shouldn't ignore the trash mobs that the game throws your way. But your primary objective should be that: primary. Focusing on your mission can sometimes end it entirely instead of forcing you to handle every other mob overwhelming you, and it's a good way to avoid too many injuries; as a bonus, you get higher ratings to get more currency for cosmetics! Win-win.

#7 — Redraw, then Redraw Again for Good Measure

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 7

If you’re ever looking at a card and thought to yourself, “wow, that’s not a Captain America card”, then it’s likely a good reason to redraw it. If it still isn’t, just redraw again!

Jokes aside, you are given two redraws per turn for absolutely free, and learning to use them strategically is a crucial factor in succeeding. Although redrawing can include a risk of getting hit by an even worse card by RNGesus, it's always a good thing to get all of the options! Just make sure not to be too overzealous because...

#8 — Everything in Moderation (Except Steve Rogers)

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 8

Marvel's Midnight Suns has a way of punishing you for doing something too much. Training too much? You're going to run short on credits. Focusing too much on the Story missions? You're going to run out of resources. Neglecting Captain America too much? He's going to be underleveled, and you won't be able to take him into battle.

Be wary of the cost of things you're doing, but don't worry about getting it wrong — you can always get materials back later by doing one or two General Missions rather than Story ones; although you do get punished, the only problem you'll encounter is having to play more. Blasphemy!

#9 — Explore the Abbey

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 9

This one's relatively simple, but you'll want to explore the Abbey. There are a lot of things that you can acquire whilst you explore the grounds and the building. You can find floating orbs that grant materials (most notably, Credits), lore entries into the game to familiarise yourself with this multiversal version of Marvel, and even Havens to take Captain America to!

These items aren't in large quantities, but any amount of Credits is beneficial and should not be underestimated. Ranging from six to 10 Credits per orb, you'll get nearly an entire mission's worth of currency for free, which will come in handy over the course of the war against Lilith.

#10 — Do Daily Task

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 10

There are numerous things you can do daily around the Abbey that are going to help you out a lot. Use your Hero Ops to build heroes slowly that you want to take to battle (for instance, I did it to Nico to ensure I had good cards on her deck), research items constantly, compliment Captain America, train when you have the Credits to... the list goes on. 

Find a good set of things to look out for daily and make sure you do them — it'll help in the long run. Whether it's talking to heroes to raise their friendship level, looking for orbs, or using the Hero Ops to make an excellent character to take into battle, you should try to remember to do this!

There you have it! 10 tips & tricks for you to get into Marvel's Midnight Suns! The game is certainly complex, but thankfully nothing is too punishing that will make it unplayable later down the line... unless it's neglecting Captain America, in which case, we'll have to ban you from GameGrin (threat not verified by admins).

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