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Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior Tips & Tricks

Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior Tips & Tricks

Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior is a surprisingly unique blend of genres that I never figured would be pulled off — finding a way to amalgamate puzzle elements with action is something I've always thought would be difficult. Yet, Sand Door Studio and Spotlight by Quantic Dream managed to make these two blend together in a nice format that I've never experienced before!

After enjoying my time through the world, I found a slew of tips & tricks that helped me be the best one-Lysfanga army I could be! And, for some of these levels, we're going to need all the help we can get, starting with...

Analyse the Battlefield

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The first tip might be a bit obvious, as that is the whole purpose of the pre-fighting section of each encounter, but it's equally as important. You have the opportunity to look at the arena's layout before you embark on your killing spree; by taking advantage of this, you'll be able to understand the map layout.

Furthermore, this is the way Sand Door Studio talks to you through the world design. If you pay close attention to the way each world is built, you can find almost a trail of bread crumbs (sand crumbs?) that let you know the movements required to pass the level. If you learn to decipher how the arena wants you to complete it (say, by paying attention to maps that split into two and intelligently using character spreads to advance through that), you should be able to ace many levels (especially early!) on your first try.

Don't Analyse the Battlefield Too Much

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That all said, though... you don't want to spend a long time mapping everything out. It gets easy to stare at some of the later levels with daunting foes and scary layouts and overanalyse. Analysis paralysis is a real thing in Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior, and you'll freeze yourself to the point of inaction.

Instead, I recommend just jumping in and beating up baddies. Sometimes, the right way to analyse the battlefield is by doing it hands-on and finding out how you naturally progress through the arena — the world design is excellent in the way that it flows easily and naturally; you don't need a 10-step battle plan to win. It helps you understand which groups of enemies are more straightforward to defeat and the timer for twin Raxes.

Don't be Afraid to Experiment

image 2024 02 04 113048359

One thing that the team behind Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior did well is the way it feels so perfectly accessible; it isn't a soulslike-level of entry difficulty. As a time management, action-puzzle title, it seems daunting, especially for completionists, but it's actually quite simple (and stupidly fun!).

You can play, replay, and complete the levels as many times as you desire; experimenting should be part of this process. You have a lot of spells to choose from, various armour runes, and even numerous weapons at your selection, all of which can change the way you approach each encounter drastically. From stuns to long-range attacks and even AoE, sometimes the best way to complete something is to try it out again and again and again. Such is the purpose of time-controlling powers, after all!

Use Your Abilities!

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On the topic of experimentation, it's worth noting that you should always take advantage of the abilities at your disposal! Depending on the ability, the cooldown is either by time or how much damage you deal to Raxes, but the more you take advantage of these, the better it is.

Each remnant will also recast the abilities that you cast at that specific time, so using them continuously maximises your damage and can be the difference between a few seconds per run. However, be wary that whenever you reset time, your time-based cooldowns will still be active — these are real-time seconds, not in-game.

Reset When You're Done

image 2024 02 04 112623458

It's easy to want to run down the clock and keep fighting once you've completed a given remnant's job — after all, smashing buttons and killing new foes should never be a bad thing. But when you're keeping in mind the time limit and trying to complete the bonus objectives, this is detrimental at best.

In fact, sometimes it might be worth resetting even if your remnant isn't really doing much. It might feel like a waste of time and remnant, but you'll seldom need all of the ones at your disposal. Using them intelligently slices time spent fighting by chunks. Even employing two remnants to get rid of a guardian Raxes is recommended.

If You Can't Complete a Bonus Objective, Come Back Later

image 2024 02 04 112910150

And finally, if you can't complete any given objective, throwing the towel, raising the white flag, and just surrendering might be the best option… for now. No bonus objective is impossible — Lysfanga seems to pay close attention to the tools at your disposal for any given arena — but what matters more is enjoyment.

The more you advance throughout the experience, the better tools you'll have at your disposal. From new spells to new weapons, these can be massive differentiators in time, and you can always come back to uncompleted worlds in order to finish them with the time to beat and then some! After all, the most important thing about a videogame is that you're having fun.

There you have it! Six tips & tricks that should help you get through the world of Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior. This is genuinely such an enjoyable game that I couldn't recommend trying it out more; I even employed my own remnant to write this while I played!

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