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Two Point Campus Tips & Tricks

Two Point Campus Tips & Tricks

Whether you're trying the management genre for the first time or you've just gotten stuck and need some help, I am here today to give you some tips and tricks I gathered while trying to like management sims (...again).

1 - Take It Slow

Two Point Campus Screenshots 1

Two Point Campus is one of the most relaxed games in this genre (or at least from the ones I've tried), as for the most part, everything is quite manageable. The game is very forthcoming, and it has some nice snowballing mechanics; it feels like the developer really just wants you to have fun. So, don't do what I did for hours and try to complete every mission within the year — there's no rush or hurry. Take it slow, and don't bite off more than you can chew. Nothing bad happens if you don't complete all of them.

2 - Use The Extra Space

Two Point Campus Screenshots 2

Aside from being able to buy more land, you can increase the campus size too. I usually took all the extra space behind it where no one goes, and you don't see. That makes it easier to have classrooms big enough to fit all the massive equipment... or to add the ugly furniture the students want, but you don't. 

3 - Visualisers Are Your Friends

Two Point Campus Screenshots 3

I'm going to be honest with you, I understood what the visualiser did (the eye icon you see at the bottom of the screen), I just didn't realise how important and useful it could be. If you're ever struggling to understand why something isn't working (such as it happened to me in Noblestead, where no matter how decorated my campus was, I wouldn't get the 75% rating), the visualiser might help with that. It's a very useful little feature that I shouldn't have taken for granted, so keep an eye out on it as it might give you vital information at some point. 

4 - Single Out Menus

Two Point Campus Screenshots 4

Two Point Campus is overwhelming in a different way from other management sims I've played because it tries to be forthcoming with information. Unfortunately, sometimes less is more, as there are so many bars, meters, categories, and icons that it is daunting. Just take it slow and start by learning the more important ones first, like the two you'll use most (and are most useful): the graphs and the room information. The graphs will let you know why the staff and students might not be happy, and the room information will make it easier to raise prestige (or make NPCs happy). 

5 - Build Big Dorms

Two Point Campus Screenshots 5

Since I don't usually play management sims, it kind of went over my head to check where my profit was coming from, let alone understand the rent meant the money I was getting from the students’ dorms. If you build a few large dorms and make the students happy, the mix of happiness and rent can rack up quite a bit of money! Additionally, you won't need to constantly add more, especially if you decorate it well enough. 

Bonus: unlike other games, in Two Point Campus, loans aren’t bait that comes and bite you in the arse. They’re quite useful whenever you’re struggling and definitely manageable once you stabilise financially. Additionally, lowering the tuition a bit (through the management options of the classes) really boosts students happiness, making it very profitable. 

And that's it! Five simple tips that really made a difference to my runs. The game is relaxed, but it's definitely not effortless. I hope you enjoy your playthrough of Two Point Campus, and let me know any tips you find yourself!

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