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Future of Play Direct 2022: Mossfield Origins

Mossfield Origins, an upcoming self-sustaining city-builder from developer Studio Any Percent and publisher Kitfox Games, released a new trailer for the Future of Play Direct. Arriving on other planets, play as researchers and builders that decide to reduce their impact and build self-sustaining buildings and communities instead of eating up all of these settings' resources. 

The trailer shows some city-building and upgrading elements while reminding the player to stay small and try to undo some of the harm previously left behind. There are even chances to rekindle friendships and we get to see a brief conversation between two characters named Angie and Everett.

Mossfield Origins is planned to be released "when the grass turns orange" on Windows.

Summer Game Fest 2022
Erin McAllister

Erin McAllister

Staff Writer

Erin is a massive fan of mustard, writes articles that are too long, and is a little bit sorry about the second thing.

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