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PC Gaming Show 2022: Shiro Games Showcase

Shiro Games got their own unique showcase throughout the PC Gaming Show, with a four-minute video showcasing numerous projects in the works. Here is everything we saw!

Dune Spice Wars Multiplayer Mode (0:15 in the video)

Dune Spice Wars will feature multiplayer modes with numerous playstyles. These modes include a head-to-head free-for-all with up to four players, 2v2 battles, or work together in a co-op vs AI mode in which players will have to work together to ensure the success against their opponent!

The Dune Spice Wars multiplayer update will be available very soon, coming out this month!

Northgard Expansion (0:35 in the video)

Shiro’s magnum opus, Northgard, is finally receiving an expansion five years after its successful release! This expansion will take place shortly after the events of the final campaign in a brand-new chapter, in which players will be able to experience the events of Ragnarök as it decimates the lands of Northgard. This apocalypse has ruined long-standing alliances, as violence and destruction now plague the land, perhaps even more than Ragnarök itself. Now, the Viking clans must set out from the home we fought so hard to conquer and sail through uncharted waters into undiscovered territory.

Winter is coming! But perhaps, more importantly, Northgard’s expansion is coming this winter!

Wartales cooperative update (1:17 in the video)

Wartales, one of the latest tiles by Shiro games out on Early Access on Steam, is receiving a brand-new co-op mode for players to enjoy.

Play with up to three other players, share food, gold, and camp together, or split up and cover more ground and discover the world. In combat, take turns fighting against foes, though be careful, as one wrong move can bring about the demise of your entire party!

Wartales’ co-op mode will be available this summer!

Abyssals (1:52 in the video)

Shiro Games recently unveiled Shiro Unlimited, a new publishing label “created by indies, for indies”, and one of the two brand-new titles getting the Shiro Unlimited treatment has been revealed: Abyssals.

Players will have to somehow create a city in the inhospitable lands of the ocean's depth. Build an underwater colony, set out into the darkness to search for scarce supplies, and survive at all costs; the depths are unforgiving.

Abyssals will surface from the depths sometime next year.

Decarnation (2:57 in the video)

Delve into the nightmarish land of Decarnation, a story-rich horror title in which players will face hideous, deformed monstrosities. Face numerous foes, battle terrifying bosses, and participate in puzzle minigames deriving from real-life and symbolic activities.

Decarnation is the second title showcased in the Shiro Games Showcased from the Shiro Unlimited publishing label, and it will release sometime in 2023, though you can wishlist it now on Steam!

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