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Future of Play Direct 2022: Lost Twins 2 Announcement Trailer

Two twins, Abi and Ben, stumble upon a gorgeous Fenghuang in their house before swiftly being transported to a whimsical and mystical world unlike their own. Follow the Fenghuang and hope that it leads you home, though perhaps it is merely leading you further down the rabbit hole…

Lost Twins 2 is a puzzle game in which players will take control of both twins in hopes of returning to their home; to do this, they’ll need to solve puzzles and reach the Fenghuang in order to advance to the next. Although the description describes the puzzles as difficult, without threats or timers, this title is one that anyone — both children and adults — should be able to enjoy. Go through meticulously-built puzzles and experience a unique mechanic in which you can move all of the rooms!

Despite how great the puzzles look, the thing I couldn't help but admire the most was the gorgeous soundtrack playing throughout the trailer! Lost Twins 2 is a title I’m looking forward to when it releases sometime this year.

Summer Game Fest 2022
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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