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Future of Play Direct 2022: Cook Serve Forever Trailer

Vertigo Gaming released a new trailer for their upcoming cooking simulation game Cook Serve Forever, a follow-up to the Cook, Serve, Delicious! series, at the Future of Play Direct 2022 showcase on 11th June. Cook Serve Forever is scheduled for an early 2023 release.

Cook Serve Forever is an indie cooking sim that follows Nori Kaga, an aspiring chef and food cart owner who dreams of being the Culinary Queen, just like her idol Chef Rhubarb. The game features local co-op, voice acting from actors such as Emme Montgomery and Elspeth Eastman, and an original soundtrack from composer Jonathan Geer.

Cook Serve Forever will be available on PC early 2023.

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Charr Davenport

Charr Davenport

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