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Tribeca Games Spotlight 2022: The Cub

At the Tribeca Games Spotlight earlier today, Demagog Studio showed off their new 2D cinematic platformer The Cub. This new title is both a sequel and a prequel to the studio's acclaimed golf title, Golf Club: Wasteland. Years after the ultra-rich left Earth's climate change catastrophe for Tesla City on Mars, our planet has turned into an uninhabitable, apocalyptic wasteland. Supposedly, everyone left behind has died. However, when researchers return to Earth in spacesuits and play golf, they stumble upon a sole survivor of the apocalypse: a small, mutated kid who can survive without a helmet.

Understanding that the kid has immunity to Earth's now-harsh environment, the researchers begin to hunt for the child, but they use their knowledge of the urban and broken landscape to escape and evade their pursuit. They even find a helmet discarded by a deceased Martian researcher and use it to get around as well. 

The world shown is beautiful and interactive, based on seeing our modern, brutalist world through this post-apocalyptic lens in an effort to show what we take for granted in a new light and poke fun at today and our own future. The kid jumps around, swinging on dead electrical lines and climbing around on destroyed buildings as though they were in The Jungle Book. There are even radio transmissions from Tesla City to find, each providing a Martain's reminiscence of their lives before moving to Mars. This is described as a sort of future-retro archeology of today.

 The Cub is described as being an homage to stories that try to get people to understand humanity as well as cinematic platformers like Heart of Darkness and old-school SEGA Genesis titles such as Aladdin or the aforementioned The Jungle Book

The Cub's release date is still to be announced, but it can be placed on your Steam wishlist and is planned to release on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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Erin McAllister

Erin McAllister

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