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PC Gaming Show 2022: Frozen Flame Release Date Trailer

Frozen Flame is a massively multiplayer co-op title in which players will inhabit the world of Arcana, a land once ruled by dragons. Now, the world seeks those that can harness the power of the Primeval to rule it, as players will have the opportunity to gather a group of friends and charge into combat against the Ice Citadel, home to the Faceless that are destroying the realm.

Every world of Frozen Flame will be procedurally generated and, as such, players will be able to host servers and customise their experience endlessly! Undertake harder challenges or make the game easier; the choice is yours. The trailer showcases some of the base building, cooperative features, armour, and even combat as the characters set out to explore the ancient lands of Arcana.

Jump into Arcana and harness the power of primeval magic when the title releases in the fall of 2022! Check out the game now on Steam for more information!

Summer Game Fest 2022
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