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IGN Expo 2022: ORX Gameplay Trailer

Ah, the life of a monarch. Building castles, having a kingdom sprawling across four different regions, owning powerful Artifacts, dealing with wave after wave of a deadly, green-skinned threat constantly trying to annihilate you…

ORX is a unique amalgamation of the roguelike deckbuilder genre mixed with tower defence elements. Participate in a three-act campaign and unlock over 300 cards to bolster your defences against the ORX threat. With each new mission, deadlier and fiercer foes fill the battlefield, with over 30 different kinds of threats looming to burn your castle to the ground. The danger isn’t over when you’ve finished the campaign, but a new game mode unlocks when you finish.

Gather your resources, as each card costs gold. Although you have a set amount of Gold you earn each day, build farms and villages to earn more in order to use the full power of your deck. Be careful, though, as you never know when the ORX threat will attack next, and you’ll want to have your defences up and ready by the time that happens, lest the kingdom falls to ruin.

Have your defences ready for when ORX attacks monitor in August!

Summer Game Fest 2022
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