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Future of Play Direct 2022: Boyfriend Dungeon Secret Weapons Update

Boyfriend Dungeon, the hit dungeon-crawling roguelike and dating sim from Kitfox Games where you date your own weapons, revealed a trailer for their new DLC Update that adds secret weapons to the game. Three new characters are briefly displayed, each with their own personality and weapon to transform into. 

First is Leah, a professional figure skater who is also a heavy hammer. Her special ability is Death Spiral, where the player spins her around to form a teal wall of destruction that destroys everyone in its wake. We can also see her hanging out with the player at a smoothie bar where she asks if anything catches their fancy.

Next is Jonah, an axe and surfer who has recently taken a job as a sous chef, despite not knowing what "sous" means. His special ability, Swing, allows the player to dash towards the nearest group of enemies.

Finally, we are shown someone described as "a new threat?", Dr. Holmes. Voiced by loserfruit and designed by Ikumi Nakamura, this doctor is also a whip. We don't see the player getting to control Dr. Holmes, but instead fight the doctor as a boss. One special attack that we get to see has Dr. Holmes send out an array of reddish balls all around.

Snag this new and free Secret Weapons DLC Update for Boyfriend Dungeon when it releases later this summer on Windows, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Erin McAllister

Erin McAllister

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