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Tribeca Games Spotlight 2022: Thirsty Suitors Trailer

Tribeca Games Spotlight 2022: Thirsty Suitors Trailer

Have you ever wondered what life is like for a person from South India? Well, Thistry Suitors follows the story of Jala, a character that is constantly battling her parents and her exes through turn-based combat with quick-time-event prompts. Choose between numerous options in conversation to soothe her exes and perform unique attacks, such as my personal favourite: Summon Mom.

In the Tribeca Games Spotlight we saw a bit about the developer’s thought process behind the creation of Thirsty Suitors and what their aim for the title is. We saw some of the combat sequences — specifically against a hairy-chested and hilarious man named Sergio — and a look at some of the features present in-game like the skateboarding sequences and some interactions between the protagonist Jala and her mother.

Although you won’t be able to jump into the shoes of Jala just yet, you can wishlist this light-hearted and touching story on Steam already!

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