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Summer Games Fest 2022: Fort Solis Revealed

Fort Solis was announced at Summer Games Fest 2022, and along with it a reveal trailer. Fort Solis is a brand new and ambitious sci-fi game, where you explore the ship and it's described as a tight thriller by Troy Baker.

Troy Baker stars as Wyatt Taylor, a medical officer, and he plays opposite Roger Clarke, who is Jack Leary, a maintenance engineer. Their ships are far away from each other, between Earth and Mars. The best way to describe Fort Solis is to imagine a cross between Dead Space and Duncan Jones' Moon. 

Ultimately, Fort Solis is an adventure game, where you can expect to find different environments to traverse. You can expect an intense narrative and an action-packed thriller. 

You will explore the ship, and it’s described as a tight thriller. There are multiple ways you traverse, and narrative plays a major role. It’s an action-packed game from Fallen Leaf Studio, and if you're interested in it you can add it to your Steam wishlist. 

Summer Game Fest 2022
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