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Summer Game Fest 2022: Highwater Teaser Trailer

Thalassophobes beware, all of the threats that once were made — “come Hell or high water” — have just come to pass, and it seems like it’s the latter this time, as Highwater has released its teaser trailer!

The world has flooded beyond repair and there are only two dry zones left in Hightower. Rumours begin to stir in these lands of an escape to Mars through a rocket, and Nikos wants in. Players will be tasked to help the protagonist and his friends — both old and ones he gets throughout his journey — to make it in time to the rocket. Steal food and engage in turn-based combat, anything to ensure your survival.

However, survival isn’t everything, as it’s essential to live too. Explore the beautiful scenery, talk to other survivors of the flood, and listen to a radio in your journey throughout Hightower and to the rocket.

Highwater is coming sometime in 2022.

Summer Game Fest 2022
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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Rasher - 08:21pm, 9th June 2022

another one added to my wishlist