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IGN Expo 2022: There Is No Light Release Date Trailer

After feeling no sunlight for years, the ruined city's deep dwellers have forgotten the light's existence. Years after a catastrophic event that brought about the world's ruin, a new cult has taken place, and all blindly follow The Great Hand. This New God comes once every few years to take chosen children into a hidden world behind the gates of the Sanctuary, and one fateful year, The Great Hand takes our protagonist’s child. Now, he’s taken his sword in hand and delves deeper in order to recover his lost kid.

There Is No Light is a soulslike title with a touching story of family, war, and redemption. Journey through 30 hours of gameplay with significant decisions, be good or bad with a karma system, battle through nearly 100 different types of bosses and enemies, and utilise numerous weaponry at your disposal; anything to save your kid from the hands of the New God.

The trailer revealed at IGN Expo 2022 teases a more specific release date: September. Although we don’t know the precise date yet, at least the trailer shed some light on the matter! Check out There Is No Light on Steam, Epic Games, and GOG storefronts for more information!

Summer Game Fest 2022
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