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IGN Expo 2022: Ground Divers Announcement Trailer

Have you ever played one of those games where you just dig in the ground and get power-ups? Do you… dig them? Well, do we have a game for you! Ground Divers received its announcement trailer at the IGN Expo!

Ground Divers is described as a “slapstick comedy” game in which you will delve into the depths of a mine, digging for rare resources to upgrade your capabilities! Plan your route strategically, as that is the only thing keeping Tsuruhashi alive! That, and cheer energy, which drives our cute and whimsical protagonist. Careful with enemies, as Tsuruhashi doesn’t know how to fight, and you can’t just dig out of combat; it’ll be up to you to decide which paths are the safest and executing them properly.

Once you’ve delved deep enough into the mines, you’ll be able to create and upgrade Pit relay stations with plenty of functions to help you and Tsuruhashi in your progress.

Delve deep into Ground Divers and get digging when the game releases on the 30th of June of this year on the Nintendo Switch.

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