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Summer Games Fest 2022: Stormgate Revealed

Summer Games Fest 2022 have revealed an announcement cinematic for Stormgate, a brand new RTS from Frost Giant Studios. 

Stormgates are portals that open during massive solar storms which unleash the infernal hosts on a future Earth. There are two factions revealed in this trailer, the human resistance and the infernal hosts, who are demonic monsters from another world.

Frost Giant Studios plan to stay true to the RTS genre, while also remaining innovative. They plan to be free-to-play and don't plan on utilising NFTs or pay to win in their game. 

Stormgate hopes to have a more social element to their gameplay, with co-operative campaigns and three player open-ended co-op. There is also 3 player PVP battles to look forward to. The beta will be available from 2023, and you can sign up for it at playstormgate.com. You can also Wishlist it on Steam, so you're aware when it comes available.

Summer Game Fest 2022
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