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Wholesome Direct 2022: Bubblegum Galaxy Trailer

Your job is to create galaxies with a program, and although you’ve been meticulous, it seems like some of your co-workers haven’t done the company the same favour; apparently, one of them outright deleted it!

Take control of Haco, a brand-new intern as a planet architect, when something occurs and deletes the Bubblegum Galaxy. Tasked with rebuilding it planet by planet, tile by tile, accompany Haco as she attempts to recreate the galaxy to its former glory; this won’t be an easy task, however, as each planet has unique requirements!

Finish quests specific to each planet by setting tiles in groups and rebuilding the galaxy one planet at a time! Head on out and excel so that your internship may just become a more official title!

Start rebuilding the galaxy when Bubblegum Galax releases some time next year!

Summer Game Fest 2022
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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