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Guerilla Collective 3.5 2022: Spookulele Demo Announcement Trailer

Take control of a valiant young girl and a reaper as they embark on a journey to slay all of the ghosts that have spilt into the real world. Use their magical abilities to slay foes in this action-adventure title with a focus on musical combat! Take control of the two protagonists — Spooky and Haru — and utilise their skills to bring about the demise of the ghosts.

Spookulele Official Demo Announcement Trailer Summer of Gaming 2022 0 9 screenshot

The trailer showcases some of the combat abilities that will be present in the game and an announcement for the demo that is available to play now! Head on over to the itch.io site to give Spookulele a try!

Summer Game Fest 2022
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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