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Capcom Showcase 2022: Resident Evil Village: Winter’s Expansion Announcement

News on Capcoms highly successful Resident Evil Village has been pretty quite since the game released over a year ago now. Capcom decided to break this silence during the 2022 Capcom Showcase, and they were holding nothing back.

Starting small, a third-person mode is coming to RE Village’s story mode, letting players journey through the mysterious European village as Ethan from a third-person perspective, allowing fans of the series to revisit the game in a more classic Resident Evil fashion.

Secondly was the additions to the Mercenaries mode; a survival-style mode that scores players based on how long they survive. This expansion plans to introduces new stages, but the major selling point is the introduction of new characters to play as such as Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu. These characters each come with their own playstyle and abilities.

The most important announcement,however, and one fans have been looking forward to for some time, is the announcement of additional story content. Shadows of Rose is an expansion story set 16 years after the conclusion of Village, and follows the story of Ethan’s daughter Rose. Now fully grown up and grappling with powers she doesnt want nor understand, she travels into the consciousness of the Megamycete. Played entire from a third-person perspective, Shadows of Rose will send players back to the locale of Village with a twist, as the land of consciousness is not one that will play fair with Rose.

All three of these additions will be made available through the Winter’s Expansion, as well as the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which will be a package deal including the base game and the aforementioned expansion. Winter’s Expansion for Resident Evil Village is set to launch on 28th October 2022 for Windows, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, and Xbox One.

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