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Guerrilla Collective 3.5 2022: Elsie Reveal Trailer

New side-scrolling Roguelike title Elsie was revealed during the Guerrilla Collective stream from developer Knight Shift Games.

A retro-inspired run and gun adventure, Elsie boasts gorgeous pixel art graphics wedded with tight bullet-hell gameplay that is sure to test your skills. Playing as Elsie, the last of the Guardians of the Sapir Wharf, you will dash, shoot, and parry against scores of robotic enemies threatening your home.

With the options of leveling abilities and weapons, each attempt through the procedurally generated runs will allow you to experiment with varying playstyles.

Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam, Elsie is available for Wishlisting now. Check out the trailer above.

Summer Game Fest 2022
Pezh J.

Pezh J.

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