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Tribeca Games Spotlight 2022: As Dusk Falls

Tribeca Games Spotlight 2022: As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is an interactive title that follows the lives of three characters. Spanning across numerous chapters and years, players will take control of multiple characters, all of which experienced different sides of an armed robbery and hostage situation, as they will see how this fateful night altered the course of their lives.

This touching story will have players take control of a father, a daughter, and a member of the robbing family, as details of their lives — and the motives behind their actions — are slowly revealed throughout the narrative.

The artstyle is unique; it showcases characters drawn into a moving world, yet the characters and their expressions are still. Aside from that, each of the characters is built from a set of actors that acted throughout the entire title as their characters, and the artstyle not only showcases their dedication, but shows their emotion to an almost tangible level.

The story and narrative are built as a branching storyline to ensure that choices matter, and the filming and creation process resembles more closely television that videogame development, as actors played and replayed numerous and distinct scenes to better reflect on the expanding storyline. The narrative was built from a place of empathy, as the writers hope that the players will be able to sympathise and understand the actions of even some of the most heinous acts that will span the story.

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