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Wholesome Direct 2022: Mika and the Witch’s Mountain Announcement Trailer

Have you ever played Death Stranding and felt like you wish Sam could’ve delivered his packages on a broom? Okay, me neither, but that was the only way I could explain Mika and the Witch’s Mountain in as short words as possible!

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain’s announcement trailer debuted at Wholesome Direct, showcasing a short 30 seconds of cute gameplay. Mika uses her broom in the trailer to fly around a small island while delivering packages to the townspeople at the bottom of a mountain. Throughout the video, we see her soaring through the skies very high above the ground!

In the game, you’ll play as Mika, a witch that hasn’t finished her witch training and only has half-formed powers to assist her; in order to complete the training, she needs to help a small village by delivering their package via broom. Meet the quirky characters, make friends, and deliver packages, but be careful, they’ll damage easily, and flying is no easy job!

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain will get delivered to us via broom sometime in 2022!

Summer Game Fest 2022
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