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PC Gaming Show 2022: Norland Trailer

Norland is a medieval kingdom sim game that doesn't hold back from showing everything raw: from literally showing the blood to not sugar coating how things were back in the day, Norland is honest.

In this game, players will have to manage a noble family who owns the city. In it, they will find all kinds of NPC types: peasants, slaves, soldiers, and criminals. Each of them has their own individual needs and behaviours, as well as social status and traits. Norland aims to make the world feel alive, as it draws inspiration from similar titles to it, such as Rimworld and Crusader Kings!

Players can look forward to:

  • Managing their noble family by assigning tasks to all its members.
  • Watch as said family members build relationships with each other, be it through love, hatred, friendship, envy, etc.
  • Players will have to control the riots that may break out, as well as punish the criminals of the city, and protect the citizens.
  • Build armies up and then use them to fight the other kingdoms or join forces with them.
  • Learn from books or write their own, either by creating an entirely new one or rewriting old ones.
  • Experience a different starting condition every playthrough.
  • Build production chains, raise the population, pay the wages, and control the economy!

And more!

Can't wait to get your hands on it? Norland is set to release in fall of 2022 on Steam!

Summer Game Fest 2022
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