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IGN Expo 2022: Dinkum Official Announcement Trailer

Welcome to Dinkum, a relaxing farming simulator set on an Australian island– wait, Australian? Sorry, let me start again.

Welcome to Dinkum, a relaxing farming simulator that is basically a horror title for entomophobes (people afraid of insects) as it takes place on an Australian island!

In Dinkum, your job is to construct an entire town to build a community (good luck convincing them, as it’s still Australian!). To do this, you’ll need to start up by sleeping under the stars, in tents, and slowly build into a sprawling town filled with attractions, businesses, and farms!

To make your town more enticing, you’ll need to decorate the landscape with numerous decorative objects; place fences, benches, flower beds, and more to make your village gorgeous. The prettier the area, the more likely visiting families are to stay and bring unique items to decorate even more!

Go fishing and discover the unique underwater wildlife present on this Australian island and go hunting for bugs (or rather, get hunted by, because it’s Australia) to build up a museum or sell them for a small profit! Once you’ve made enough money, stock up on animals to tend to them and build your farm.

Learn to live in the land by setting out into the wilderness in search of food. Track down animals to create a meal but be careful, as deadly predators as hungry as you are on the lookout.

Build your town and try to survive the Australian wilderness when Dinkum releases in Early Access on the 14th of July!

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