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Day of the Devs 2023: Hauntii

Hauntii is a ‘haunting’ twin-stick, isometric puzzle/adventure videogame where you control a lost soul being guided by a glowing spirit, called an Eternian, as you work to escape the plane of existence you’re currently trapped in. Journey down pathways teeming with discoveries and enemy types in open-ended areas to explore as you configure constellations to recount your past life. 

With relaxing combat, Hauntii takes the old-school twin-stick shooter mechanics in a different direction with a more meditative design. Solve elaborate puzzles by possessing inanimate objects to move or collapse on enemies with multiple ways to succeed.

Hauntii is set to release on PC and console sometime in 2024.


Summer Game Fest 2023
Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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