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Day of the Devs 2023: BeastieBall First Reveal

Wishes Unlimited revealed its new title, BeastieBall, a turn-based RPG where you travel the open world as your custom character to recruit and coach a team of ‘beasties’ in a game of BeastieBall; similar to volleyball. The story of BeastieBall centres around your character preventing the nature preserve around their small hometown from being demolished to make room for a stadium by becoming the best coach in the BeastieBall league. With a wide variety of ‘beasties’ to discover, compete with and convince to join your team as you challenge other coaches to rise the ranks, which increases the difficulty of future competitors with each victory.

Your team members are highly sociable, creating strong friendships with each other as you play while greatly improving your team’s ability on the court. Each friendship is unique to the respected ‘beasties’ depending on their personality and playstyle that opens up friendship specific moves. However, they can also become rivals as well.

Summer Game Fest 2023
Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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