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PC Gaming Show 2023: Breathedge 2 Reveal Trailer

If you didn’t get enough open-space survival simulating to satiate your appetite the first time around, developer RedRuins Softworks and publisher HypeTrain Digital are back to deliver more with Breathedge 2, the sequel to the 2021 comedy space sim that saw players eking out a living in outer space with their immortal chicken companion. Breathedge 2 promises to deliver more interstellar survival with a healthy dose of base management that players came to know and love the first time around, albeit with less linearity; turning the experience into an open survival sandbox where the player is free to explore the galaxy and survive on the various planets it has to offer.

Breathedge 2 is set to launch for Windows at an undisclosed date in the future.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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