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Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023: Nightscape

Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023: Nightscape

The debut title from Mezan Studios, Nightscape has been unveiled at Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023. Nightscape is a 2.5D atmospheric adventure game that sees the light disappear from the Arabian night sky. Taking control of an astronomer — Layla — players will wield magical powers to restore stars back to their rightful place within the constellations. 

Nightscape aims to tell the story behind each constellation, and how the Arabic tales are different from the Western and Greek stories, blending them into the gameplay mechanics. Layla will use abilities (such as a grappling hook) drawn from the stars to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, which really gives the game the magical look and feel the developer is aiming for.

Mezan Studios have really focused on Middle-Eastern culture and traditions, with the hope that Nightscape will not only be an enjoyable adventure, but also a way for people to understand and appreciate the Middle-East and its history.

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Mike Crewe

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