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Wholesome Direct 2023: Baladins

There are many types of heroes — strong, cunning, entertaining... wait, what?

Baladins is a Choose Your Own Adventure title in which you will take control of the titular group of entertainers... though some might call them troublemakers or party animals. That doesn't stop our cast of heroes from trying to lighten everyone's mood, however!

Take control of one of the four characters and even invite your friends for up to four players in local or online co-op! With short sessions — going about one hour long each — you can explore the beautiful Paper Mario-esque world in short bursts!

Embark on an adventure and begin your first, third, and tenth playthrough soon! Though, if you want to try your hand at the experience now, try the demo on Steam! Look forward to its release in Early 2024!

Summer Game Fest 2023
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

Writes in her sleep, can you tell?

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