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Guerilla Collective 2023: Forgotlings Teaser Trailer

Tonight at the Guerilla Collective 2023 Showcase, HiTCents and ThroughLine Games revealed the world premiere trailer for Forgotlings. In the trailer, we learn that they need to unite all that is lost, and we see the stunning animations that appear as though they’re out of a Ghibli film.

Described as a breathtaking cinematic action-adventure game, you inhabit a realm of lost things that are searching for a purpose.

Although the gameplay was brief, we could see the tone of the game was clear. The protagonist needs to unite all that is lost, find what’s worth remembering, and what you’re fighting for.

In the trailer, we learned that Forgotlings will be coming to Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in 2024. You can add it to your Wishlist on Steam now.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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