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Future Games Show 2023: Deceit 2

Tonight at the Future Game Show, Deceit 2 revealed a brand new trailer! 

In this trailer, you're left to question who there is left to trust in this sequel to the 2017 game Deceit

Developed by World Makers, in Deceit 2, nine strangers are trapped together, and two are hiding a monstrous secret. You need to outwit and outrun interdimensional demons while somehow remaining sane. While you need to cooperate with others, who can you really trust?

Set in Milhaven Asylum in 1979, Deceit 2 is a social deduction horror game where you need to find out who of your number has been infected. After an occult ritual goes horribly wrong, you and your friends are forced to participate in the Ritual of Deceit, arranged by the malevolent Game Master.

Deceit 2 is currently in development, and you can request to join the beta on Steam until 12th June. You can expect it to fully release sometime this year. 


Summer Game Fest 2023
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