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Future Games Show 2023: Life by You

Life by You's release is inching closer! This Sims competitor appeared in the Future Games Show with a developer presentation trailer showcasing some of the most appealing aspects of the upcoming title!

For those who don't know, this life simulator is built from the ground up with modding in mind. Not only will this be the most customisable title, allowing you to have countless hours of fun once it releases, but it also has been built to innovate from its competitor. From actual English voice lines to no loading screens in its open world, this immersive sim will take you to another world where you'll be able to live another life!

We also got a quick look at a bit of gameplay, including her job — being a barista! Any bit of gameplay for this upcoming title is welcome, so make sure you check it out and see how it looks in action!

With an expected release date on the 12th of September for Early Access, make sure you pre-order the game now in the Epic Games store or wishlist it on Steam to learn more about the various bonuses!

Summer Game Fest 2023
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