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Guerilla Collective 2023: Demonschool Official Gameplay Trailer

Tonight at the Guerilla Collective, Demonschool had its latest trailer revealed. We finally got a look at the gameplay you can expect. Developed by Necrosoft Games and published by Ysbryd Games, this is a tactical turn-based strategy RPG.

Faye is a student who, along with her friends, must navigate not only their university life, but battle against demons as the human and demon worlds collide.

Demonschool has a distinct style that appears to pay homage to classic RPGs. There are light horror elements, as you do battle with your friends, whom you can build relationships with while also planning your school schedule to gain experience.

If you enjoy tactical RPGs with a distinct style, you should look forward to Demonschool. While a release date isn’t set in stone, you can still expect a release sometime in 2023. It will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch soon.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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