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Guerrilla Collective 2023: Noun Town Gameplay Overview

Tonight at the Guerrilla Showcase, we were able to see how Noun Town Language Learning’s gameplay works. Using Noun Town, you can learn your chosen language in an immersive manner.

Developed and published by realiaXR, Noun Town allows you to learn a range of languages including Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. You start your journey on a greyscale island, where as you learn new words, you bring more colour back to the islands. As you learn, more villagers will return to your island, and you can enjoy more minigames to test how much knowledge you’ve gained.

The villagers will speak to you in your chosen language as you progress, allowing you to improve your skills without worrying about any embarrassment. It is a new way to learn a language in a way that’s still fun.

While there is no clear release date, Noun Town Language Learning is expected to release on Steam in the summer of 2023. Console versions will be available later in the year.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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