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PC Gaming Show 2023: Hidden Door

Revealed during the PC Gaming Showcase 2023, Hidden Door is the new RPG storytelling platform from Fast Forward Labs. It is powered by AI, and the team is hoping it will lead to authors and creators collaborating with authors and creators to licence their work into what's essentially a neverending, dynamic fan fiction you can play with your friends. 

Players can type in what they want their custom characters to do and select an action from suggestions. It works by using wordplay to feed players ideas: type "punch," and you'll get the option to punch someone, but perhaps also to "feel punchy" or seek out fruit punch. The AI narrator can also follow the rules of licensed fictional worlds (e.g., who can or can't die, fall in love, or the nature of magic in the world) and mimic an author's writing style.

Like tabletop RPG campaigns, the story never has to end because the AI won't run out of content, but you can win and lose individual scenarios by reaching good or bad outcomes. Fast Forward Labs is ensuring that it it's transparent, only using ethically sourced data, and making sure players are safe when using its software. You can try it out for yourself this winter. 

Summer Game Fest 2023
Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson

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