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Wholesome Direct 2023: Pekoe

Pekoe had a new trailer released during tonight's Wholesome Direct showcase. In a town full of teahouses and cats, there has never been a game more wholesome.

You get to manage your own teahouse and interact with your other feline customers. You get to create and design your own space, allowing plenty of freedom. 

Following the trailer, Saffron, the creative director of Kitten Cup Studio, came to talk about the early access launch of Pekoe. She came to thank the community for their support after announcing the game for the first time at the first Wholesome Direct showcase.

Saffron also revealed that there will be launch merch featuring adorable cats that is available for pre-order soon. You can find out more by checking Kitten Cup Studio's social media pages on Twitter and Facebook

Kitten Cup Studio will be releasing Pekoe in Early Access on Steam on the 28th of June. 

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