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PC Gaming Show 2023: Pax Dei

During Pax Dei's exclusive interview and gameplay footage showcased in PC Gaming Show 2023, we got to learn more about the upcoming sandbox MMO title, where you'll explore a land inspired by the medieval era, teeming with ghosts, myths, and magic.

In the video, we got to hear the dev team's experiences with creating a game built around legends from the Dark Ages, from the inspiration they took from real mythologies and cultures to how the world itself is based on Europe: from Southern France's architecture to flora and fauna found in the continent.  

As for the gameplay, Mainframe Industries has approached the MMO style differently, where the aim is to allow freedom of style with how players approach the experience so that, whether they want to chop wood or go into a dungeon, everything they do is progressive. They hope that this will help new players become more valuable than in other titles.

The community aspect doesn't stop at the inclusion of newcomers, however, as the community itself will be in charge of building towns — from the smithy and guild to their own player houses. The social interaction is focused on player-led civilisations created by the community itself. One of the ways to do so is by not having a traditional level system. 

Additionally, in hopes of abolishing too much text during NPC quests, there will be items — such as scrolls and books — scattered around the world that players will be able to find. From then, the rumour will spread to create its town story and quest. 

Find out more in the video right here on GameGrin, and keep an eye out for more information on Pax Dei's release date!

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