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PC Gaming Show 2023: Nova Roma

Announced first at the PC Gaming Show 2023, Nova Roma is, a new city builder from Lion Shield and strategy publisher Hooded Horse. Set in stylish ancient Rome, it has you managing natural features like water and catering to the needs of elite politicians and citizens.

The Nova Roma trailer touts the colourful forums and colosseums we’ll be building and a few interesting mechanics that should spice up gameplay. For example, the water looks to play an integral role in the development of your cities, as we see flood waters from a burst dam devastating a built-up settlement, followed by an aqueduct being built to ferry water into a small district to feed into a fountain.

The developers last made Kingdom and Castles, which was released in 2017. Its latest title, Nova Roma, will be available on Steam and the Epic Games store. You can wishlist the game now.


Summer Game Fest 2023
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